Normal Contact Transducer is a transducer that tests putting Longitudinal Wave on vertical incidence. Standard Series TKS Corp makes are primarily used in tests without heavy attenuation, Composite Series, due to the excellence of sensitivity and resolution, are used in tests with heavy attenuation.

Since these transducers are screw-shaped in those front part, they can use protective membrane wearplate in surface testing. Most tests are explored and performed examination of base metal or scanning on the welding part without weld reinforcement. BNC, Lemo, and Microdot are provided to make the equipment compatible.

  Formation, material, thickness of the test subjects and near field zone are taken into account in selecting element size and frequency of transducers.
N (Near Field Distance) = D²f / 4 C
Where, N = Near Field Distance
           D = Element Diameter
           F = Frequency
           C = Material Sound Velocity and a in Figure shows Beam Sprea