Dual Element Transducer was separated transmitting and reception; therefore the dead zone caused by transmitter pulse become small. That is strong point of DET.
And, The defect search nearby the focal point shows outstanding results, the focal point that appears in a certain area between two oscillators.
There are main testing subjects such as thin material, and heavy attenuating ones; they are mainly used for detecting any defects in a certain area.
Dual Element Transducers TKS Corp makes consist of three types: Fingertip Dual Type, Normal Dual Type and Angle Dual Type.
The cases made of stainless steel offers the durability and rugged dependability and the irregularities in handles prevent slipperiness.
Connectors are equipped with Microdot and Lemo.

Dual Element Transducer are used in thickness gauging, erosion gauging, and clad steel or laminar in subjects searching or in testing subjects with heavy attenuation. FD Type is used in thickness gauging or area curved in surface, e.g. pipe or tube, and ND,AD Type is used in testing subjects whose scanning areas are coarse or extensive.