There are two types in Angle Beam Transducer: longitudinal wave transducer and shear wave transducer. Of these, shear wave transducer is used in more cases.

Shear wave transducer is the main products of TKS Corp and longitudinal wave transducer is being in production upon purchase order.
Standard Series are for normal testing without heavy attenuation. The irregularities in their surface of the cases prevent slipperiness and they are designed with the power set downward of the sensor to facilitate the contact with testing subjects.

Main testing subjects are welding part of container-kind( e.g. boiler's vessel) as well as a normal welding part, the crack of axis of rotation, or parts with much stress pressured on in machinery-kind.
Lemo Connector is equipped to bring upward the ratio of S/N in linking with ultrasonic instrument.

  Formation, material, and thickness of testing subjects are taken into consideration in selecting oscillator's size and frequency. In testing welding parts, limited access distance, weld bevel angle, and anticipation of defect orientation are factors to be considered in selecting refraction angle.
Where, = Refraction Angle
            = Bevel Angle